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XYmatrix? The fastest browsing platform there is!

In mathematics, a matrix is, per definition, a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in a rows and colums. (Ref: Wikipedia) We @ XYmatrix simply replaced these numbers, symbols or expressions with hyperlinks and XYmatrix was born. The great advantage of presenting hyperlinks this way is that there is almost no time delay in going from link 1 to, say, link 1000. This vector-like browsing speed is, as far we know, unmatched in the entire world wide web.

XYmatrix - Any links?

Despite the great advantage of XYmatrix's hyperspeed browsing tool, it would, however, defeat its purpose using bot-prepared unfiltered link data, because then a good part of the matrices would be filled with junk links, like this is the case with regular search engines or directories. So we decided to use filtered data only, so that what you find in our matrix-directories is authentic and genuine.

XYmatrix is a web-democracy project!

With the Internet being able to reach a worldwide audience, search engine positioning and keywords have become the key for its control and with it the flow of information. Fact is, that most search engine users will not go beyond the first one or two result pages, leaving the vast majority of websites with referenced content unvisited. So, if 25 websites out of 1 million references do actually represent the range of choice for the customer, this corresponds to only 1 in 40,000 or 0.0025%. XYmatrix's system, however, allows to display easily 5000 references per page, thus increasing the choice potential for the web surfer to 1 in 200 or 0.5%, that's 200 times more than the established search engines.

But if one considers, that 80% to 90% of what search engines display as results is unrelevant to what you actually seek, than the relationship goes up to 5000/100000 or 1 in 20, say 5%. And this 5% applies, using unfiltered data. With filtered data, however, that percentage goes way up, approaching 100%, since it is hard to find 5000 authentic and genuine links possibilities for our each of our directory subjects. Therefor, XYmatrix offers a more democratic gateway to the Internet and is committed to support democratic agendas, civil & human rights, truth movements and alternative ways of living, by focusing on and presenting relevant issues through its platform.

Your support is needed!

Please support this project financially and intellectually, by providing donations (PayPal: donate@XYmatrix.com) and by helping to build and extend our gateway to the Internet (via the Contact & Submit page).


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