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XYmatrix offers high density visual browsing directories for high volume, high interest keywords, such as News and Social Media. The innovative concept offers an alternative browsing tool in an object-based surf environment, designed to vectorize the search thereby reducing cursor mileage and mouse clicks. Combining video game elements with web-browsing, XYmatrix directories present pure, direct, unloaded quick links to authentic providers of the seeked information.

Before you enter i.e. the link-matrix for Alternative News:  
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How does XYmatrix work?
To provide for easy navigation the cursor is equipped with an Information Window ("XYmatrix Window"), showing 4 lines of information, followed by a Snapshot of the linked-to website. The 1st line shows the Name of the website (Name: Welcome to XYmatrix) with the corresponding X,Y cursor position (in 10x10 pixel blocks on the link-matrix) being displayed on the right side. The 2nd line is used to indicate the target URL, followed by its Internet ranking position (Ranking #). A headline description can be seen on the 3rd line and also the website's reputation in form of the number of back-links (# of Links). And on the 4th line the web navigator is informed about the XYmatrix directory sector and the year the target website was established (Online since).

Here is how it works in more detail:

When you enter the link-matrix you'll notice the Information Window (to the right) which is hovering at at the initial fixed position. At this point there are some basic information displayed.

1. Line: Welcome to XYmatrix. The X,Y positions further to right are not yet filled in.
2. Line: To start click on the Matrix, meaning in order to activate the window you need to click at any point on the matrix (just NOT on the floating Information Window). Ranking information is empty.
3. Line: To stop and set a marker click on the matrix again: Once you have activatet the
XYmatrix Window, it will follow your cursor. It is a kind of tool-tip window with extented functions that is open all the time. In order to stop it you just click on the matrix again and the little red light at the X,Y positions will confirm it has stopped moving and will set a little marker at the cursor's last position.
4. Line: To go to site click on URL or picture below!

Additional Functions:

WASD keys:
When the stop/go light is red again, you can navigate the Information Window by pressing any of the following keys: w, a, s, d or W, A, S, D, like they are used in video game to move the character.

Arrow Keys: In the same way as WASD keys, you can use the arrow keys for steering the Information Window on the matrix. However, there might be compatibility issues with some browsers.


Information Window 1
Information Window 2

Information Window Activated:

Upon activation of the Information Window, it will display the link-relevant information as you glide on the matrix (see picture to the left - copyright CNN). Please check the status of the stop/go light. If its green the window will follow your cursor, if it is red you can use the WASD or arrow keys.

Use the mouse for fast movements over the matrix (from sector to sector) and then take advantage of the WASD or arrow keys for fine-tuning in the selected area, exploring link by link.


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